Welcome to the Missing Link!


Bounded by Algonquin Park to the south, with the Ottawa River and scenic Laurentian Hills to the north, our trail system provides the missing link between the Deep River and Mattawa snowmobile clubs. If you are looking for unparallelled riding conditions in a pristine environment, then you must come out and experience our natural surroundings and fabulous trails.

Our trail system offers a blend of picturesque trails through the forest coupled with scenic views along the Transcanada Pipeline. The trail conditions are some of the best in the province which typcially permit an extended season into late March or early April.

If you are in need of fuel, food, or shelter, our local businesses eagerly cater to the snowmobiling crowd during the winter months (more details located on our Club Map page).

  Whether you are out for the day, weekend, or travelling Round Algonquin Park (R.A.P. Tour), come ride our trails and see for yourself. And remember to check out our Club Events page....you may have the opportunity to join us for some organized fun and good times when you are in the neighbourhood.

Snowmobiles and ATVs

It is important to note that the Missing Link Snowmobile Club is granted permission by a number of individual landowners to use parts of their property to complete sections of the MLSC snowmobile trails. This permission is granted for the duration of the snowmobile season. One can view the OFSC site to confirm when the trail is officially available for use or not. 

During the off season, access to the trails which pass through private property is not permissible by any form of transportation e.g. pedestrian, ATV , truck or any other vehicle. Entry points to the sections of MLSC trails which cross private property are clearly identified as Private Property and No Trespassing Allowed.

Your cooperation to respect the rights of the landowners by not trespassing onto their private property is both expected and much appreciated.

Remember: think snow and ride safe!