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A Wee Bit 'o History

The Missing Link Snowmobile Club is a proud member of the Snow Country Snowmobiling Association and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, District 6. Getting here has been an experience filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. But today, with many new volunteers taking an interest in the Missing Link Snowmobile Club, the Club is one of the most active and successful snowmobile clubs in all of Ontario! Oh the stories we could tell, but lets just say “It all started many years ago…."

On or about December 1989, Doug Antler presented the Mountain River Tourism Association with a short brief on “Snowmobiling”. As a result of this meeting, a group of locals along with a member of The Ontario Out of Doors Magazine started trail blazing and developing what we all now know as the Missing Link Trail system. This link tied the South & East to North & West of the OFSC “A” trail, which runs through the Townships of Head, Clara & Maria.

The trail was hacked out literally by axe. Bud Clouthier donated some old Keetna Snowmobile Club signs which were used to define the route. Doug Antler, Albert Chartier and Gary Pyzer installed these first signs. Trailblazers were very busy finding routes and, established the Waterloo trail, which at the time was fondly referred to as the “Forbidden Forest”. The trailblazing continued through the Bissett Creek, Stonecliffe and Mackey sections with a passable trail being established around 1990.

A first pass over the western section of the trail on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon was achieved with a homemade drag on loan from Bud Clouthier, pulled with a 1968 Ski-Doo Olympic which still resides in Deux Rivieres with the Antler Family!

The Club was incorporated on September 3, 1991. The original directors were Albert Chartier, Rosemary Donnelly, Gloria Pichette, Larry Kenny, Doug Antler and Judy Valyear. Fund raising began and the first Alpines were purchased with a commercial drag.

Grooming took place anytime anyone had time to make a run and “must take” items included a lunch, a toolbox, and a roll of single strand wire for repairs. Albert and Doug took turns running the groomer between the Brent and Bissett Roads, one would drive the groomer through the Waterloo/Forbidden Forest trail the other would drive the truck to the other end, meet, “have a beverage” and then exchange duties. This started at 3 pm and ended at 6 am the next morning. Four passes were made over the trail in this length of time. Danny Donnelly groomed the trail from Stonecliffe to Deux Rivieres with the alpine for one of the Club's first poker runs, stopping along the way to make repairs for participants and pull sleds back onto the trail which, due to driver error, had left the path.

The Alpines were then traded in for “Tuffy” and a Quebec Drag. Wooden bridges were built and loops were added to the trail, resulting in the existing “A” trail that brought the snowmobiler through our communities for services needed.

Many memorable grooming trips were made but it was finally realized that the trail was more than could be handled by even “Tuffy”. The Club, having joined the OFSC District 6 in 1991, applied for funding to purchase bigger and better grooming equipment. This endeavour ended with the Missing Link Snowmobile Club being the first volunteer club to be tossed out of the OFSC, and this action then worked it’s way through to the formation of the Snow Country Snowmobile Association, of which Missing Link was the first member.

To date four steel bridges have been added to the trails: Deux Rivieres, Grants Creek (Tuffy’s Skyway), Heney Creek (The 10-12 Bridge) and Mackey Creek (The Dry Rapids Bridge). Bissett Road has been re routed for safety and many culverts have been installed to further improve the trails. The club has fundraised beyond anyone’s dreams to help finance equipment, trail improvement, and continuous Volunteer appreciation.

However, the proof is in the trails themselves! So if you want some memorable snowmobiling experiences, schedule some time to travel our wide, well groomed, and picturesque trail system in the upcoming season.